Design et imaginaire : les oubliés des vols spatiaux habités
Coralie Lhabitant
In this article, the aim is to understand how the spatial imaginary fits between specialists and the public, with whom it has a special relationship due to the functioning of space agencies on a public background. We will see how it is used to communicate or educate, but does not seem to be reinvested in the very design of manned space flight. - 2020/12
Déshérence territoriale et écologie
Camille Mançon
This article examines how dormant territories can inspire an ecological revolution to the designer through the intersecting practices of design and anthropology. - 2020/12
Vers une nouvelle forme d’inspiration
Elisa Leveneur
Originally born out of a need for freedom and emancipation and used to differentiate themselves, trends today are considered to homogenize. In order to understand where this change in relationship comes from, it is a question of immersing oneself in the vast and complex mechanisms of the appearance and the diffusion of the trends. Are trends an object of creative formatting ? - 2020/12
Train-train… Ou la place de la mobilité dans nos quotidiens
Louise Laborde-Castex
Train stations are nowadays becoming a central space in our cities, and a central space in our lives too. The flows of users experience it on a daily basis, we even have a french expression for it : it’s named « train-train » (« train » being the same word in english). The train, in both languages, represents speed, progress, adventure and other symbols. However, our expression echoes to a recurrence, something boring, some kind of deficiency in the daily experience, an attention which prevents the flows that pass through the station every day from getting through. Should the flows define the identity of the train stations ? - 2020/12
Fixer le flux, de l’écran au cadre. Prolégomènes de développement personnel à usage de celles et ceux qui aiment trop les ordinateurs
Amélie Coutures
This article goes back to *Fixer le flux, de l'écran au cadre*, a Master’s thesis specialized in « Design, Arts, Médias ». Through the analysis of works using the computer and the web as creative tools, this work explores the new forms and methods that these practices invent in the field of the moving image. - 2020/12
Design & Diplomatie
Chloé Cavillon
Since the birth of design, we have used many words to describe designers such as technicians, coordinators or mediators. This article examines the figure of today’s designer through the subject of humans and synanthropic animals coexistence. Our analysis is based on Lyon and various projects existing in the city. This investigation will lead us to a deeper understanding of the place and the role of designers in complex issues. - 2020/12
L’accident dans la gravure originale du XXe siècle. Recherche sur les irrégularités de l’estampe
Alix Aulagnier
This paper highlights the main directions of a master’s dissertation dealing with “original” printmaking in the XXth century, when it becomes an authentic art instead of a copying technique. - 2020/12