Thematic Issues
Systèmes : logiques, graphies, matérialités
Directed by Kim Sacks, Victor Guégan
Logical systems, graphic systems, material systems. Through these notions, this issue of the journal documents the shapes of computational logics within the practices of design, visual arts and media. The articles that it assembles examine the logical and technical infrastructures that govern aesthetic practices since the rise of cybernetics and the emergence of computer-assisted creation. - 2022/04
Les Arts de faire : Acte 2 - Design du peu, pratiques ordinaires
Directed by Sophie Fétro
Design du peu, pratiques ordinaires constitutes act II of the thematic dossier devoted to the Arts of making. It questions the creative practices in a context of scarcity, reduction and lack, but also those who decide to make a deliberate choice out of the few means, a happy, critical, sometimes militant art of making, betting that a poetry can emanate from the few things. - 2021/12
Les Arts de faire : Acte 1 - Les modes d'existence de l'atelier en Arts et en Design
Directed by Claire Azéma
This publication constitutes act I of the thematic dossier devoted to the Arts of making. Here, the Workshop is not understood as a framework for the inscription of practices, but as a complex, heterogeneous, moving and constantly adapting ensemble of doing. The articles gathered in this issue give an account of the variety of ways of doing taken in situation in their mobility and their complexity. - 2021/11
Design & industrie à l’ère de l’Anthropocène
Directed by Gwenaëlle Bertrand, Maxime Favard
Ce présent recueil de textes constitue une nécessité conceptuelle qui ne s’accomplit qu’à travers l’épreuve complémentaire du design. Réciproquement, les designers peuvent trouver du sens à ce travail de recherche comme autant d’éléments analytiques à disposition pour réinterroger les pratiques. - 2021/07
L'Exposition de design
Directed by Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
When we published the call for contributions "The design exhibition", we imagined receiving proposals which would question the specificities of design exhibitions by comparing them with art exhibitions, by returning to an experience of curating, by immersing oneself in the design project as an exhibition space ... Our intention was to lay the foundations for a comparative expology of design exhibitions: the articles collected did not disappoint our expectations. - 2020/12