Editorial n°7
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
Editorial n°7 - 2023/12
Éditorial n°6
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
A critical look at the (lesser-known) role of women in science, critical surveys in the field of design, a critical theory seminar and book reviews... This sixth issue of Design, Arts, Médias reaffirms the critical identity of our scientific journal. - 2023/06

Thematic Issues

Matière/Matériau(x)/Médium: des controverses fécondes
Directed by Collectif DAM
Le dossier, autour des notions de matière, matériaux et médium, interroge les enjeux contemporains de la matérialité dans les pratiques des arts, du design et des médias. Ce numéro met en valeur un regard critique sur les questions formelles, depuis l’analyse des pratiques plastiques jusqu’aux nombreuses discussions philosophiques qui jalonnent l’histoire du matérialisme. - 2023/12
Femmes de sciences
Directed by Anne-Lyse Renon
Comment confronter, relire, remettre en question le rôle des femmes à la croisée des historiographies en sciences, arts et design ? Sans réduire les rôles dévolus à la création et à la recherche, mais au contraire en regardant les frottements, les confrontations, les nuances, les paradoxes et démarcations entre pratiques et savoirs, ce dossier propose de réfléchir les histoires ensemble, mais également leurs spécificités. - 2023/06


Catherine Geel et Claire Brunet, Le design, histoire, concepts, combats
Claire Azéma
In this book, the authors present elements of their courses and research articulated in a common text. This text seeks to establish and clarify the links between the history of the discipline and the concepts that enable or have enabled it to be thought of or its practices to evolve according to the times and situations. - 2024/05
Bernard Dyonisus Geoghegan, Code. From Information Theory to French Theory
Occitane Lacurie
Code. Bernard Dyonisus Geoghegan's From Information Theory to French Theory is an epistemological investigation of two of the most influential philosophical frameworks of the 20th century: cybernetic thought, insofar as it permeated the technologies that shaped the coming millennium, and French theory, whose readers include some of the most important theorists in the contemporary humanities. - 2023/06

Words of Authors

Le design et ses pratiques (volet 2). De la reconnaissance à l'action
Under the supervision of Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
This dossier contains around thirty interviews with French and foreign designers. The aim of this survey is to identify how these professionals feel their skills are recognised, and the link they make between their profession and a commitment to both ethics and politics. This field survey, conducted with the help of students from the Design, Arts, Media 2 master's programme (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), aims to test the hypotheses formulated in the research seminar Towards a critical theory of design. These interviews are preceded by a text outlining the purpose of the seminar and the general conclusions reached by the survey. - 2024/01
Filtering society : a discussion with Ambre Charpier, Matthew Fuller and Kim Sacks
Ambre Charpier, Matthew Fuller, Kim Sacks
Following Matthew Fuller and Kim Sacks’ discussion at the Matière/Matériau(x)/Medium colloquium on January 23, 2023, Ambre Charpier renewed this invitation to further the conversation with the intention of developing some of the theoretical ideas on filtering, cybernetics, systems theory and critical aesthetic practices. This conversation took place on October 31st 2023. - 2023/11


Les dimensions de l'espace sonore : concevoir l'expérience du public dans une installation immersive
Agathe Simon
Following residencies in the polar regions, Arctic Music, a 5.1 immersive sound installation, is created. During the post-production, the question arises of how best to conceive the experience of the public within such an apparatus. Yet spatialization enables three dimensions of sound space to be deployed: aesthetic, kinaesthetic, and political. It thus offers a singular experience, potentially opening up the audience to an ecological awareness. - 2023/11
BAUEN. Penser et construire l’habitat à travers l(es) objet(s) vestimentaire(s)
Ninon Leal
This article presents the first steps in a design research-project aimed at conceiving the clothing object as part of the larger scale of the habitat. Through its proximity to the wearer's body, clothing accompanies his or her movements, taking the form of a back and forth between the home and the surrounding world. To reopen the archetypal garment, we'll study it from the angle of the semiotic established by Anne Beyaert-Geslin in Sémiotique du design, and will complete it with interviews conducted with designers and artists about project practice and innovation. - 2023/11

Call for papers

Les vulnérabilités à l’épreuve de la sobriété : apports et perspectives pour les disciplines de conception
Béatrice Gisclard, Marine Royer
For this seventh thematic issue, the journal Design, Arts, Médias is calling for contributions on the subject of vulnerability, its links with sobriety and the ways in which it informs design projects. By putting the concepts of vulnerability and sobriety into perspective in our "risk society", we hope to raise interdisciplinary and inter-professional questions in the fields of design, architecture and urban planning. We'll be looking at the ways in which they renew the way we design, focusing in particular on access to resources, capacities for action, survival strategies, means of subsistence, the quest for meaning, and people's empowerment. - 2023/11
Matière/Matériau(x)/Médium : des controverses fécondes
Collectif DAM
For its sixth " Thematic issue ", the online journal Design, Arts, Médias calls for contributions focusing on the notions of matter, materials and medium. Collectively directed by the Collectif DAM, this issue aims to bring together articles questioning contemporary issues of materiality in art, design and media practices. This edition will highlight articles that take a critical look at formal issues, from the analysis of plastic practices to the many philosophical discussions that punctuate the history of materialism. - 2023/06