Éditorial n°3
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
This third issue of the journal is a bit special in that it offers a double issue, that is to say two thematic files, respectively directed by Claire Azéma and Sophie Fétro. These Acts 1 and 2 have in common that they deal with "The Arts of Doing". Reading these two files and the entirety of our third delivery of articles, three ideas come to mind. - 2021/11
Éditorial n°2
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
Born during the lockdown, is Design, Arts, Media a confined magazine? It is undeniable that it testifies to the health crisis that has turned our lives upside down. However, it offers texts, interviews and criticisms that invite us to go beyond this period. These writings will thus have the value of an archive for young researchers who, thanks to this very special moment, are already among the living forces of design. - 2021/07
Éditorial n°1
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
The Journal Design, Arts, Médias has just been born. What is its purpose? What are the means she has equipped herself to achieve her goal? On what principles is it based? These are the three questions this editorial attempts to answer. - 2020/12