Éditorial n°4
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
For this fourth issue of our journal, this editorial addresses the question of the context in which we live and how research echoes it. He sketches the way in which these themes cross the different sections, in particular the Thematic Dossier which, directed by Kim Sacks and Victor Guégan, deals with "Systems: logics, spellings, materialities". - 2022/04
Éditorial n°3
Catherine Chomarat-Ruiz
This third issue of the journal is a bit special in that it offers a double issue, that is to say two thematic files, respectively directed by Claire Azéma and Sophie Fétro. These Acts 1 and 2 have in common that they deal with "The Arts of Doing". Reading these two files and the entirety of our third delivery of articles, three ideas come to mind. - 2021/11

Thematic Issues

Systèmes : logiques, graphies, matérialités
Directed by Kim Sacks, Victor Guégan
Logical systems, graphic systems, material systems. Through these notions, this issue of the journal documents the shapes of computational logics within the practices of design, visual arts and media. The articles that it assembles examine the logical and technical infrastructures that govern aesthetic practices since the rise of cybernetics and the emergence of computer-assisted creation. - 2022/04
Les Arts de faire : Acte 2 - Design du peu, pratiques ordinaires
Directed by Sophie Fétro
Design du peu, pratiques ordinaires constitutes act II of the thematic dossier devoted to the Arts of making. It questions the creative practices in a context of scarcity, reduction and lack, but also those who decide to make a deliberate choice out of the few means, a happy, critical, sometimes militant art of making, betting that a poetry can emanate from the few things. - 2021/12


Hito Steyerl, De l’art en duty free : L’art à l’époque de la guerre civile planétaire
Ambre Charpier
Récemment publié aux Presses du réel, De l'art en duty free : L'art à l'époque de la guerre civile planétaire est le dernier ouvrage en date de l'artiste vidéaste, critique d'art et écrivaine Hito Steyerl. Originellement paru en 2017 aux éditions indépendantes américaines Verso, ce recueil de quinze essais nous rappelle, avec la vivacité, l'humour tranchant et la surabondance spectaculaire qui caractérisent les pratiques esthétiques d'Hito Steyerl, que l'art est une forme de politique. - 2022/04
Emmanuel Guy, Le Jeu de la guerre de Guy Debord. L’émancipation comme projet.
Kim Sacks
Emmanuel Guy's book, Le Jeu de la guerre de Guy Debord, L'émancipation comme projet, discusses the history of the Jeu de la guerre in relation to the history of what it is the custom to call design. Through this complex historical perspective, the book questions the emancipation strategy from the society of the spectacle. - 2021/12

Words of Authors

Interview d'Ezio Manzini
Michela Deni, Thomas Watkin
This interview conducted on May 24, 2022 at the University of Nîmes with Ezio Manzini with Projektlab seeks to report on a long career in the field of design and social innovation as well as these latest reflections (from the books: Livable Proximity (English translation, 2022) and Politics of the Everyday (English translation, 2019). - 2022/06
Jalons pour une histoire de la Biennale internationale design Saint-Étienne (10). Entretien avec Thibault Huguet
Pauline Kuntz
Born in 1998 out of the desire of a few professors at the Saint-Étienne School of Fine Arts, supported and carried by its then director Jacques Bonnaval, the Saint-Étienne International Design Biennial has now become an event that is, if not unavoidable, at least major in the field, as well as in a singular local and regional landscape. The research project "A history of the biennial, incisions and bifurcations" proposes to look back over thirty years of design and design exhibitions in Saint-Étienne. A cycle of interviews is part of it. - 2022/04


Université d'été de la Preuve par 7, retour critique
Valentin Sanitas, Romain Mantout, Marie Tesson
On the 15th, 16th and 17th of July 2021, the Preuve par 7 organised a Summer University in parallel with the Bellastock festival. Looking for an alternative way to generate collective knowledge from certain practices of building the City, the ambition was to propose an alternative form of sharing experiences and knowledge. Based on the data collection systems set up by three doctoral students associated with the EFF&T Chair, we will offer a critical review of the perspectives outlined during these three days. - 2022/04
Méthodes visuelles autour d'objets culturels pour un projet ethno-territorial sensible
Elodie Alexander
The article presents an experience of survey within the framework of a sensitive project around the representation by pictograms of the cultural identities of French Guiana, real pluriversial imaginaries. - 2022/04

Call for papers

Faire avec le milieu : Art, Design et médialité du paysage
Claire Azéma, Christian Malaurie, Aurélie Michel
Après avoir coordonné en 2021, le premier volet du numéro double sur les Arts de faire concernant la question des Modes d’existence de l’Atelier en art et en design, nous souhaitons interroger en 2022 : les manières de fabriquer le paysage en arts et en design et dans les médias. Une révolution symbolique est actuellement à l’œuvre, nous aimerions en faire état et en anticiper les possibles. - 2022/04
Systèmes : logiques, graphies, matérialités
Victor Guégan, Kim Sacks
For its fourth "Thematic Issue", the online journal Design, Arts, Media calls for contributions on the subject of computational logic within the realm of design, art and media practices. This issue, edited by Victor Guégan et Kim Sacks, intends to bring together articles that will question the logical and technical infra-structures that govern aesthetic practices, in the context of computer-assisted creation. - 2021/07